Concrete Structures

We create value from the start of a project by advising on concrete design. Pagnotta’s breadth of expertise means we provide holistic advice while working through initial budgeting questions to build a quality project plan from the outset. 

Working in Western Canada for many years means we also understand how to manage environmental considerations such as climate, soil, or topography which can significantly impact a concrete project.


As a concrete contractor, we set the pace for the project. We take the lead, creating timelines and setting milestones for each of the sub-trades involved in the project to follow. 

Client Collaboration

Pagnotta strives for the highest quality of workmanship and integrity in the structures we build, offering a superior product that will stand strong for generations to come. But, for us it’s not just about the product. Our clients are our partners, and we strive for full transparency and collaboration throughout the process. 

Contact us for more information on how we can support your concrete construction project and contribute to a vibrant and growing local infrastructure.

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