Who We Are

With over 25 years of experience in construction, Pagnotta has longevity as a dedicated builder specializing in high-rise, mixed-use and commercial projects. 

We partner with our clients to ensure deep understanding of the project, impactful application of our expertise and effective project execution. From the award of our first project in 1992, the Pagnotta team has been dedicated to our vision of “changing skylines, building futures.”

Our transparent, solutions-based approach means our clients can expect practical advice, guidance and support at every stage of their project.

As a private, family-owned company, we cultivate a connected and open culture that filters down to our client relationships through honesty, accountability and communication. We view clients as our partners and invest in building deep, collaborative relationships that drive value on every project. 

Our Story

Pagnotta’s story begins in 1967 when Mario Pagnotta came to Canada from rural Italy and started work as a site labourer. Mario’s dedication and hard work pushed him on as a successful site superintendent and, ultimately, on an entrepreneurship journey as a self-performing construction company. 

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Our Mission

To inspire leadership, innovation and excellence in construction and in our communities. 

Our Vision

Changing skylines, building futures.

Our Values


We are committed to health and safety and to setting a new standard for our industry.


We take ownership for our actions. We believe that honesty and transparency translate to long-term reliability. 


In the office, on the worksite and in our communities, our people take charge. We constantly look for opportunities to improve our practices and affect positive change. Leadership starts with taking initiative. 


Excellence is the standard we hold ourselves to. We strive to meet the highest standards of safety, quality and workmanship. 


Our company was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why we know there’s always a better way to do  things. It is not enough to be content with the status quo. We are always ready to learn, adapt and grow. 


Our people are worth investing in and we focus on supporting our employees’ professional and personal growth.  Pagnotta employees must stay committed to continuous improvement and striving for excellence.

Our People

The most rewarding aspect of my role is the dynamic and complicated challenges associated with the construction industry.

Rarely a day goes by without learning something new about my role and how Pagnotta fits as a player in the industry. I have enjoyed the construction industry for 20 years, and the opportunities for growth and learning are endless.

- Alex Pagnotta

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Our Locations

Our offices are located in Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vancouver. Contact us for upcoming projects, employment and partnership opportunities or to learn more about us.

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