Uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and community and committed to setting a new standard for our industry.


Pagnotta’s safety program not only complies with relevant safety requirements, it far exceeds the legislated standards. A few examples of how we go above and beyond are weekly inspections rather than the legislated monthly requirement and every worker is required to complete a documented daily hazard assessment and daily tool box talks before work begins.

We are COR certified in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Manitoba and utilize ISN for our subcontractor safety management. Our senior management team is an active participant in site related safety activities through continual involvement and quarterly site safety inspection meetings.



This program was created to establish minimum requirements and guidelines to provide maximum prevention and/or protection from dropped objects from elevations. Our safety team has created a minimum standard of communication necessary to verify our worker’s understanding and compliance with the program. The goal is to achieve 100% prevention of dropped objects and awareness for all workers who have the potential to be exposed to this hazard. This program has eliminated potential injuries to the public and damage to property. This program has been implemented on all Pagnotta Industries work sites.


The goal of Mission Zero in Saskatchewan is the realization of zero injuries, zero fatalities and zero suffering. The mission believes that all unintentional injuries are predictable and preventable and the only right number of injuries is ZERO. During our five year membership, this program pushed our teams to become champions in the community for safer workplaces, homes and areas of play. At Pagnotta, we have taken Mission Zero seriously and promote the same attitude throughout the company, regardless of the province we are working in.